After laying in bed for a half hour I decided to spend the morning seeing what the internet has for me to read, here’s what I found interesting.

A better blog post on voting than mine.

How Many of Me will tell you how many Americans have the same name as you, maybe. Here is an explanation of how to show that they assume independence of first and last names. I haven’t crunched the numbers, but if you think about how many Javier Sanchez’s, Brian Smith’s, Brian Sanchez’s and Javier Smith’s that are out there it seems like independence isn’t a safe assumption.

An advice column worth reading.

Pirates always make for good reading. If I were a journalist with big cajones I’d head for Somalia with dreams of a book deal.

A post on research into the genetic differences between liberals and conservatisms.

I listened to the sixtyone while doing my morning reading. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but it is a great site to find good, obscure music.

I recently realized the widget on the side of this blog that is supposed to have links to blog posts I like is going from oldest to newest, which makes it pointless cause who wants to read something that is a month old? It comes from an RSS feed I get out of google reader, if anyone knows how I could get it to display new to old that would be great (but chances are the person who reads my blog doesn’t know that, no offense valued reader).