Ben Harper sent me an e-mail encouraging me to register to vote. Ben has a lovely singing voice and I can’t say I’ve ever walked away from one of his concerts dissapointed, but I’m going to respectfully disagree with him on this issue. I have been accused of being a bit of an intellectual elitist in the past, and my train of thought on this subject is the kind of thinking that caused that.

I’m not proposing a minimum IQ for voters, disregarding some practicality issues I wouldn’t be upset by it, but I’m not proposing it. I like that we live in a place were anyone who wants to has a say on who’s in charge. It’s unfortunate that a result is people with no knowledge of issues helping to decide them, especially in an age of catch phrase political campaigns (Tim Eyman anyone?).

Which is why I think we should stop telling everyone it’s their responsibility to vote. If you don’t care enough to A) Educate yourself on what your voting for and B) Take the time on your own accord. You shouldn’t vote. Nineteen year olds are plenty smart enough to make intelligent decisions, and realistically they’d probably change elections in a direction I’d like, but if they are too busy playing Guitar Hero to know anymore about Obama-McCain than one’s the guy from that Will.I.Am video and the other one hangs out with the chick from Alaska, they shouldn’t vote.

I’m not advocating any changes in rules on who can vote, and I think we should make it as easy as possible to register, I just think it’s time for celebrities, ministers and PE teachers to stop running around telling people to vote. Anyone got an argument against?

PS. I was about to put a link to a site to register on here, but decided anyone who doesn’t care enough to Google shouldn’t be allowed at the polls.

PPS. I should have added that all the energy currently put into telling people to vote should (in my opinion) should be shifted towards encouraging people to learn about issues. If someone cares about issues someone will be more likely to vote, and vote based on what is important.