Based on unscientific, anecdotal observations I’ve made, if your planning on watching the vice presidential debate, you probably already know who your voting for. If you care enough to watch you probably already know about as much as you will in November about these knuckleheads. So why not get drunk while you watch?

Since WFS is doing all we can to help people come together, this will be bi-partisan, so get together roughly equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats. If your in the midwest or northeast this might be difficult, so get to Ohio as fast as you can. Below our the comments that will alow your party to hand out drinks to the opposing party, intended for 3 people on each side. Multiply by X/3 where X is the number of persons on each side to properly get your debatin’ drink on. The republicans should have bud light with shots of Jack Daniels on hand in honor of the good Governor, democrats, stock up on Sam Adams and your favorite elitist Scotch.

  • Sarah Palin says ‘hocky’ or ‘mom’ dems give out 3
  • Joe Biden says recession, GOP gives out 3
  • Sarah Palin says ‘hockey mom’ dems give out 9
  • Joe Biden says quagmire, GOP gives out 9
  • Joe Biden states (again) that Barak Obama will personally hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden, GOP give out two shots.
  • Sara Palin mentions health care when asked about the economy, Dems give out one shot.
  • Talking heads compare Joe Biden to Catie Curic, everyone drinks one.
  • Sarah Palin says “I’ll get right back to ya.” Dems give out three.
  • Joe Biden mentions his experience in any way, GOP gives six.
  • Sarah Palin makes a statement that in no way relates to the question asked (must be agreed on by both sides, and remember to play nice) Dems give out 9.
  • Biden mentions Palin’s daughter, GOP give out one.
  • Palin mentions Palin’s daughter, Dems give out 9.

So there you go, have fun, drink responsibly, vote responsibly.