During a certain point in a persons education, they should be encouraged to asks any questions that pop into their always shifting grey matter. Maybe, that should never change, but at some point, probably in the first two years of college, teachers should be allowed to answer certain questions with “You should review the prerequisites for this course” and continue on with their lesson.

The thing is, if you are sitting in a college class that consists of mostly graduate students, you should realize that everyone is paying good cash money to be there, and most of the class is reasonably intelligent. Consider how much of your classmates money is being wasted when you ask the question that leads to the professor telling you to review chapter one. And if you still ask the question, cut yourself off question wise. Maybe think about whether you should even be in the room.

Curly haired lady in stats 510, I’m looking at you. I’m sure there is a fine intro to statistics class at SDSU, the class number starts with a one, not a five. If you still need an explanation of variance you can get it there.