I finally moved into my new home this weekend, and the timing was less than perfect. The extra beautiful weekend we had here in San Diego taunted me as I drove my U-Haul away from the beach to the eastern edge of America’s Finest City©. But things aren’t all bad, I spent some quality time with one of the new roommates on the Wii and he seems cool. In all fairness, I have to say I think I’ll get along with the roommates because this is on the world wide web, they could read it, and things would be pretty uncomfortable if I wrote that. But that’s not why I’m saying I think I’ll get along with the roomies, it’s because it’s the truth.

And besides the massive distance to the beach the location is conveniant, I can be at a grocery store, blockbuster or Little Ceasar’s in five minutes. I don’t think I’ve blogged about how fond I am of Little Ceasar’s, but that really deserves it’s own post. There are plenty of other restaurants nearby, many fast food, some not which will be nice. I can get to school on foot as well, which will be really nice. The hood is typical SoCal strip mall, which makes me sad, being the kind of person who likes to talk about nice neighborhoods with “character”. Whatever that means.

So that was my weekend. Keep your eyes out for the WFS Hearts Little Ceasar’s post.