At one point during my travel through Thailand, in the midst of explaining why I didn’t want to buy sandels in Thailand I proclaimed myself to be a sandel conasouer. So today was a big day for me, I found a new pair of ‘flagship’ sandels. While I have a few pairs, I prefer a comfy pair of leather sandels to spend most my time in. Once again Reefs seems to have it covered.

Locals, including some girl trying to get me to donate money to charity in the mall, seem to like Rainbows. They seem nice but aren’t wide enough for my feet. Charity girl also pointed out that the bottle opener sandels are kind of gross, cause you don’t know what you’ve been steppingg in, and then your going to open a bottle that’ll go up against your lips with that? The flask sandels present a similar problem.

For the record, I didn’t give charity girl a dime.