I haven’t posted for a long time, which probably has lead to me losing my reader. Oh, how I miss my reader. I’ve started a post on my summer adventures in the Orient, hopefully I’ll get that one out soon. But I thought I’d get the ball rolling with a quickie, concerning politics. Specifically, politics as entertainment. Here’s an excerpt from one of those instant message things that I recently partook in regarding Obama’s speech at the DNC:

Ian: what about the speech?

9:23 PM I don’t watch that stuff, it’s just talk
bla bla bla
Ian: seriously?
it was inspiring man
he’s a fantastic speaker
me: agreed, but it’s still talk and I know who I’m voting for
Terminator 3 was on
Ian: hahaha
9:24 PM me: I gotta go get drunk, talk later
Ian: it’s a decent flick
me: no its not
brett out
Ian knows who he’s voting for as well. Most people I know who watch CNN and debates and all that already know who they’re voting for. It seems the vast majority of people who follow politics are doing so primarily not to make informed decisions, but to reinforce their current beliefs. This is reinforced by the current flashy nature of politics.
My solution, which is not practical, is to get rid of politics from the tv and radio, campaigning will be reduced to position papers and regimented biographies printed up in some dull publication. People who actually want to put the time in to make informed decisions will give it a read, everybody else just walk in the booth and randomly pull a lever. I don’t think the randomness would be much worse than the current state of huge numbers of Americans voting down party lines.
As a side note, watching T3 might influence me next time I vote for governor, which will probably be a tougher decision than I’ve got for the presidential election.