notthatsunshinecompanyI just packed up my tv to take to storage in the morning, so the Daily Show isn’t an option this evening, and so I blog. The fourth of July weekend turned out to be a little too much fun, and now I’m scrambling to get ready for my trip to Thailand. I’m going to spend tomorrow playing Tetris with my storage unit, that is just a little smaller than I would’ve liked.

I’ve done a little too good a job of procrastinating on my moving/travel preparation. This was exacerbated yesterday when I went down the street for a beer or two at the Sunshine Company. While the ground floor of that place is worthless, the rooftop patio is a great place to enjoy a sunny San Diego Sunday. Happy hour prices lead to way to free spending and drinking, so I didn’t get any preparation done last night. I also needed a couple hours in front of the tv this morning to prepare myself. On top of this my flight home got canceled, and for some reason it took Delta Airlines 24 hours to find me a new one. They are also shaving one day off my vacation. I will be writing a letter.

And from the previously mentioned happy hour I have a question for you, my reader. One of my friends (who doesn’t read this) was telling the rest of us about a girl he had met the previous weekend, he is very excited about her, but hasn’t hung out with her yet because she was very busy this week. He’s old enough that he should know that means she doesn’t want to hang out with him, but I think his personality has lead to less interaction of this sort. If I fill him in, am I helping him move on sooner or just being a dick? It would be so much more fun if I wasn’t doing him a favor.