I haven’t been blogging much lately, I recently freshly reloaded windows on my computer (easier than expected, runs like new) add that keyboard time to 8 hours at the office and I haven’t felt compelled to spend extra time writing about the minutia of my life.

But I’m on the verge of leaving a job. Which takes me back to the good old days. When I started this blog, because I was leaving my job to go travel. This time I’m off to Thailand, but the location doesn’t seem all that important.

With a more or less do-over of the previous enjoyable experience approaching, I’ve realized that I like change. There is some trepidation, maybe something won’t work out (but they usually do), and maybe something really bad could happen (hasn’t yet), but change brings opportunities. I could speculate on how that will turn out, but it isn’t important. I’ve realized that I really enjoy the possibility of what could happen, possiblities that just aren’t there when you go to the same job every day and hang out with the same people every weekend.

I’m not sure if I’ll document the coming events this time around, I like the idea of avoiding the computer for a month or two. I’m not going to make that decision now.