On April 29, I walked down the road to the local rec center for my first game in a hoops league with 6 guys I’d never met. We lost by 22 points. After the game I remember thinking that I played pretty bad, but the rest of the team sucked and it would be a long season. Not to mention that we didn’t have anyone over six feet tall.

Turns out everybody was a bit rusty, Tuesday night, we took a win from that same team that had beaten us by 22 points in the first round of the playoffs. A few minutes later we tipped off the championship game that would be our 6th strait victory to secure the bobble head trophy that we will share Stanley Cup Style throughout the year.

We’re taking the next season off since a third of the team will be out of the country, but there was talk of going after a second bobble head in the fall, hopefully after recruiting a proper center.