I can’t say that I’ve fully boughten into that concept, but I’m getting there. I wouldn’t say I’m the worst procrastinator in the world, but I’ve been known to put some things off. Lately I’ve been cleaning out some nooks and cranny’s in the old apartment. I inherited the place from a line of guys who moved out without properly moving out, and apparently at least one of these guys was a bit of a pack rat. The guy I originally moved in with even had a bill for the garbage the previous guy had left. $5 for a toaster with no lever to pull the toast down seems high to me, a good example of why not to negotiate under the influence.

Over the last few weeks I’ve emptied the cupboard full of plastic bags, thrown out the empty boxes and plastic jack-o-lantern’s from the closet. A couple cinder blocks is about all that’s left to go. Whole process took maybe an hour and it leaves me wondering why it took me a year. So my advice to you, my loyal reader, is to think of something that you’ve been putting off and go do it.