I haven’t been feeling very ‘bloggy’ lately, so these pages have gone without update for the most part. However, it occurred to me that I was not keeping with the spirit of this site by not posting last Friday. I started writing here to chronicle a trip through Costa Rica, the name came about because I had just quit my job with the sole purpose of going on a long vacation. I wanted any co-workers who might have read it to think about how they were choosing to live there lives.

Sadly that vacation eventually came to an end, and I found myself back in a new cube-farm, that was still very much a place designed to entrap suckers (maybe not it’s intent, but it does this none the less). Friday I walked over to the boss and proclaimed “NO MORE!” I informed her that I would no longer do her dirty work, that she could stay in the cube farm but I was going to Thailand. To top it all off I’ve got myself admitted to grad school so I can put off future sucker-e-ness for years.

I came home and didn’t even think to mention it to my loyal reader. So there it is, I have once chosen to walk away from gainful employment. Life is good once more. This July 4 I get to celebrate my own independence along with my right to bear arms should the king of England try and tax me. Take that King of England, and take that Medimpact.

A footnote for any future employers who may come across this: I’m sure working for you will be different, it will be both challenging and rewarding, or else why would I apply? And I’m sure once I find myself working in this challenging, and rewarding environment I will extol the virtues of working in this very blog.