This past week has brought some outstanding sitting at the beach weather. I’m announcing an official end to the harsh San Diego fall/winter/spring, and the return of summer. Science says this may be premature, but I push forward regardless.

But the news isn’t all lollipop’s and lemona’s. When I moved into my cave-like apartment last year, I could pay homage to the sun god with a 12 pack of Tecate down at the beach. Since then the man has decided that I shouldn’t do that, and now my lack of outdoors at my residence is painfully obvious. I plan on becoming friends with stoop drinking over the next month, but it isn’t much of a stoop.

As tragic as this is, I’m not asking for your sympathy. What I’d like you to do is grab a beer, Whatcom County, or margarita and head out to the patio or yard you are lucky enough to have and enjoy yourself. Drink responsibly.

Editors Note: A Lemona is a bottle of Carona with a shot of Barcardi Limon in it. It is delicious. A Whatcom County is lemonade and vodka, it is also delicious. It may have other names, but they are all stupid.