This post at the Wages of Wins brought back some fond memories of a debate between my good friends Dave and Lindsey. I haven’t actually read the post yet, just the title. Dave took the stance that Lindsey was overrated, which Lindsey took offense to for some reason. Dave tried to explain that being overrated wasn’t inherently bad, but eventually he conceded that Linsey was rated.

Looking back, I can see why she didn’t like it. I personally never felt that Lindsey was overrated. The Wages of Wins is about basketball, and as far as I know she is not good at that, but she has many other admirable qualities, like a great sense of humor, a good head on her shoulders, and a lovely song she wrote about how great cheese is.

Perhaps a rating system of friends would be a good way to solve arguments like this in the future, or a Facebook friend prediction market. For the record, that is now a WFS idea, I don’t want to see any of you bums stealing it.

As for the Wages of Wins, I have skimmed the article since writing that I hadn’t read it, and apparently Kevin Durant was the second most overrated player in the league last year. Screw you, Oklahoma City.