Went out for some drinks in Pacific Beach last night. The nightlife in PB is a bit livelier than my ‘hood, and the cab ride back isn’t too spendy, all this makes it a fairly common place to waste enjoy a Saturday night. Unfortunately, one of the PB’s defining characteristics is an abundance of douche bags. This was commented on early on in the evening, and I pointed out to my friends that the fact we were there as well might indicate we are in fact douche bags. After all, nobody thinks they are a douche.

A widespread belief is that you should judge a book by it’s cover, but everyone is aware that people will make assumptions about them based on their appearance. In one way or another this affects how they present themselves to the world. Some, perhaps most, of the PB douche bags might be good people. But they still go around looking like douche bags, which says something about them. And as I mentioned, last night I was wondering if my friends and I fall into that category.

Later in the night I was chatting with a girl from Omaha out visiting a friend, unprompted she commented on how many douche bags they were at the bar. I mentioned how common that was in that particular part of the globe, and added that I had been wondering how I ranked on the douche bag meter. Editors Note: We at WFS wanted to include a pic of a douche bag meter, but our copy of Photoshop isn’t working. We envisioned something on a logarithmic scale with Mr. Rogers at the bottom and Ben Affleck at the douche end.

I might not be great at telling when people are BSing me, but Omaha seemed sincere when she told me that I wasn’t a douche bag. The whole conversation has made me wary of collared shirts and anything that might make my hair appear spikey. Any other behavior one should be careful about to keep their DB level low? Perhaps talking about douche bag meteres is one.