My parents were in town to visit this weekend, their great people who have devoted their lives to making other peoples lives better, through tax preparation and talking about God. I’m not a fan of either but it works well for them (and payed for my directional college education, so no complaints here).

At some point we discussed politics, Mom is pro-Hillary, me and Dad like Obama. Mom has admitted in the past that she has been known to vote for female Democrats even if all she knows is gender and party affiliation. I pushed my ‘Obama will give good speeches’ position as well as the pro-Hope vs anti-Hope stances of the candidate. I admit that policy wise there isn’t much difference.

This post at Crooked Timber does an excellent job articulating why I like Obama out of the two. Hillary the policy maker has some very admirable qualities, but Hillary the candidate hasn’t emphasized her strengths as much as she has tried to point out Barak’s weakness. He’s weak on foreign policy and inexperienced. In my opinion, her foreign policy is pretty bad (see voting on the Iraqi war, and she could’ve told Bill to go into Rwanda in the 90’s). But showing me what she’s good at instead of what BO is bad at might’ve gotten a bit of my respect. Oh well. I didn’t vote in the primary anyway.

So it looks like the people of Pennsylvania like anti-Hope campaigns, which is too bad. But I know some people from Scranton, so it doesn’t surprise me. Lets hope the super-delagates are from states where people like Hope (no offense mom).