I’ve been trying to be more PRODUCTIVE lately. This mostly has entailed making lists of things I should do and regurlarly trying to remove things from this list. The system works, I’ve always been pretty bad about procrastinating and even though my system isn’t incredibly organized, I get a lot of stuff done I previously wouldn’t have.

But this new, improved more PRODUCTIVE version of me seems to have a new problem to replace my procrastinating. I’m constantly thinking I should be doing something from my stupid little lists. I usually write them at work, on yellow notepads, so they look a lot like the list from My Name is Earl. I like My Name is Earl but I think it isn’t living up to it’s potential. But back to me, by trying to be PRODUCTIVE I am able to get stuff done I might not otherwise, but I might have sacrificed a little bit of my laid-backness.

The point of the lists seemed was to keep track of crap I need to do so I’d get it done, then I could be relaxed in knowing that my crap was taken care of. Instead I’m thinking I should be taking care of something on the list, or on occasion when that isn’t a possibility, worried I’m forgetting something.

If I were a better blogger I would draw some insight out of this, but I’m not so I won’t. The best I can think of is that lists are bad, but I don’t mean that.  To prove that I don’t hate lists, here are some lists that I think are good to keep:

  • Movies you’d like to see
  • People you need to thank for any reason
  • Grocery lists
  • Lists of people who can be in your entourage when you ‘make it’
  • Things your allergic to
  • Favorite colors

That lists of lists is by no means complete, but To Do lists isn’t on there.