The man took away my casual friday this week, something about a client visit. This upsets me, and it upsets me that this upsets me. Casaul Friday is a silly idea, why do I care that I can’t wear jeans to work for one day?

It occurs to me that other things about cubicle life upset me in relation to the principles I had when I was a younger (poorer) lad. I’m not very happy how good I am with Excel. I find spreadsheets to be an excellent symbol of…while I’m not sure. But they symbolize something, and I’m part of the problem, not the solution.

I would like to remedy these problems with a job that involves no dress code (even for client visits) and requires no use of spreadsheets, or anything else that puts collections of numbers and letters into 2X2 grids.

I think I might be asking too much.

ps I wanted to put a bubble of Lumberg in the above picture telling me I have to wear slacks tomorrow, but my Photoshop is screwy.