Bill Simmons writes

    Once you choose a team, you’re stuck with that team for the rest of your life … unless one of the following conditions applies:
    Your team moves to another city. All bets are off when that happens. In fact, if you decided to turn off that sport entirely, nobody would blame you.

I’ve been pondering this with the impending departure of the Sonics from the Emerald city. Being in SoCal, becoming a despicable Lakers fan seems reasonable. But I try not to be despicable. The Clippers don’t even try, so they’re out. The only city in which I’ve actually lived that has a team is the Blazers. Simmons says a Sonic fan going Blazer would be like a Red Sox fans rooting for the Yankees.

The thing is, the Blazers and the Sonics, in the course of my NBA viewing, seem to be have the ability to field one respectable team between them in any given season. So that rivalry doesn’t seem all that rivalry-ry to me. But the point is taken.

So I’m thinking of abandoning the NBA, and devoting more time to college hoops in the future, and possibly seeing if I can get professional Italian basketball on the tube. Hear that Davey Stern? Sonics go, and you’ll lose be losing a fan. I will also do my best to start dirty rumors about you.