The bloggin has been slow lately, mostly due to a lack of blog worthy activity. A perfect storm of dullness has swept into my day to day life. I’ve been getting my Scrooge McDuck on to try and save $$ for the coming grad school storm. I’ve been following through on the much talked ofbut often put off decrease in cold beverage consumption. All of this, in the past would’ve pushed me into a couple hours a day of exercise, but I’m taking one last stab at going easy on the shoulder before resigning to a life time of mild shoulder pain and no racket sports. I never even learned to play squash.

On the plus side I’ve been reading a banger of a book. Empire of Blue Water is part biography of Captain Morgan, part history of pirating in the Caribean (of course), and a very interesting take on the economics and polotics that caused all the swashbuckling. If you like pirates (and who doesn’t), I would recommend it.

A few other reviews of various things:

  • Lupe Fiasco – The Cool I really like the beats and Lupe’s rhymes, but the hooks tend to be uninspired R&B riffs. It’s pretty good, but seems like it could’ve been so much better.
  • Reign Down on Me – Adam Sandler/Don Cheedle in a dramedy that makes for good comedy and weak drama.
  • Renesaince – Cool flick, mostly cause of the interesting cartoon. The story is similar to blade runner, kind of a noir mystery set in the not too distant future. It took a while to get going, but a decent flick once it did.

I’m hoping to get my hands on a few discs of the Wire to pass the time, although I still haven’t gotten over how they did Wallace.