This post evolved before I sat down to write it. It originally was going to sum up an email chain I had concerning a former classmate who’s becoming a dentist. Started with a quote something along the lines of “Dentist have the highest suicide rate, but they also have the highest rate of yacht ownership.” Which lead to discussing the reasons that could cause the suicide rate, cause the yacht ownership is pretty simple, they make a lot of money.

I settled on a theory that dentists off themselves because they spend a lot of time and money getting to be tooth jockeys, but the skills they pick up aren’t transferable. If they don’t like it, they can’t take that experience and get some other kick ass gig. Other rich guy jobs, you have a lot more options as to what your going to do to get money. If a lawyer doesn’t like chasing ambulances, he can try working for an insurance company. A dentist scrapes teeth.

Dentist like to talk about being unappreciated, but I don’t buy that. Lot’s of people are unappreciated. It could be that the type of person who becomes a dentist has a huge ego and can’t handle being unappreciated. So I was going to blog about how surveys should be done and numbers should be crunched to attempt to test these theories. But I thought I’d check on what the internet has to say on the subject first.

I looked here, here and here. Nobody seems to have found any evidence that dentists are in fact the most suicidal profession. Here #1 has some evidence that it’s sheep herders. So I’d like to do some research, if your reading this and feeling suicidal, please leave your profession in the comments.