After a couple hours sipping Bud Light and Rockstar in room 2070 of the Tropicana, I suggested on our next trip my friends and I meet somewhere with cheaper hotel rooms. Bullshitting in a hotel might not be as much fun if we hadn’t had a couple days of Vegas to stir up conversation, but that was the most fun I had over the weekend, and not because we did have a good time in Sin City. It brought back memories of Saturday mornings in college. I miss those mornings with roommates and whoever had passed out on the couch a lot more than I miss parties on Indian street or fifty cent wells at the Royal.

As the years go by the opportunity for those times are fewer and fewer. Jobs and marriages and kids pull away more and more folks. I’m not trying to say growing up sucks, just looking back fondly on a part of life that’s slipping away. I think it makes me appreciate those times that much more.

There might be something worth mentioning from the rest of the trip, maybe I’ll get around to it, but the highlight of my trip was Saturday evening in the Tropicana.