I read this and my first thought was Mr. Moore, high school biology. Given some more thought I realized he wasn’t a bad teacher as much as a bad person. He told my class he only taught because he wanted summer’s off, he was notorious for only remembering the names of pretty girls and for taking every opportunity to flex. On the plus side, he fried up our squid after we disected them and made some nice calamari.

The worst teachers I had were definitely in college. I remember getting a D on a paper in which I was asked to write my opinion of Shakespeare. I wrote a well structured paper about how I didn’t care for Shakespeare because I couldn’t relate to the characters. I was told that I was wrong, Bill’s characters our easy to relate to. The paper was bathed in red, every mark telling me that my opinion was wrong. You might think I’m just being bitter, but I’m not really mad about it, I learned to only regurgitate the prof’s opinion’s and breazed my way to an A. I do have to give her credit for introducing me to Kurt Vonnegut.

There was the sociology of deviant behavior professor who only taught from her own book and needed a TA to change the overheads for her (one day he was gone, class couldn’t start until a suitable replacement was found). To her, apparently sociology of deviant behavior meant sociology of prostitution. Man did she love whores.

Chuck Israel taught me about how all music besides jazz and showtunes (?) is complete shit. He was also too lazy to write new test questions. Bad teaching + close minded might get him the prize. As I understand it, he is an exceptional jazz basist.

I guess if I’m going to talk shit about the bad teachers I should give some love to all the good ones, something for another day.