Those of you following the WFS story, you know I’m bouncing the working life for grad school in the fall, mostly so I can act superior to people who only have an undergraduate degree. I’ve also been talking a big game about doing some traveling before classes start in the fall. I’m not sure if that part has made it into the blog, but it’s the truth.

And I mention this because the weather has been nice the last few days, not nice like nice weather were you live, nice like San Diego nice. The excess of vitamin D this caused got me thinking. I have to pay rent in my dumpy apartment in July, and if I did leave the country, I’d be out some cold cash for the month. Amidst all this perfect weather, I started thinking it would be a little silly to pay rent for a dumpy apartment a half block from the beach in July and not take advantage of what that offers.

On the other hand, I’d really like to see what real Thai pad thai tastes like. Having to make tough decisions like this make me smile like a nut case. If anyone reads this, advice is welcome.