When I get tired of listening to my cube-neighbor tell someone that the topic of discussion is ‘out of her realm’ (4 times this week, it’s Tuesday) I like to drown out the office BS with the trusty iPod. Shuffle lead me to Reminishce off of 9th Wonder’s new-ishalbum. A good song off a solid album. At the time I thought Gemini was on the track, but when I looked it up (cause I research these posts, I’m very thorough), turns out he isn’t. But I thought it was him, so I cued up the album he did with Dangermouse, Ghetto Pop Life.

I picked that one up back when Dangermouse was the guy who made the Jay-Z/Beattles album, before he was the guy who made that song with Ceelo that was cool the first 250 times and now you hope you never hear it again. Listening to it brought on memories ofmy brief stint in Portland, trips to everyday music followed by nights at the Doug Fir or that Irish bar Skittles loved.

So the points I was aiming for are:
1 – Ghetto Pop Life is ‘dope’ as the kids say. You should check it out. Steve Jobs will sell it to you.
2 – I love how the shuffle on my iPod brings me back to great music I haven’t been listening to lately. That alone makes it worth the $400.
3 – The people I work with annoy me.