Haven’t posted much lately, I’ve been too busy sitting in SoCal traffic for the past week and a half. Like Little Red Riding Hood, I got parked on the I5 – 101 interchange on the way to Grandma’s house last weekend. While I was up north I took the time to stop in Ventura to see more family. Happened to hit Uncle Dick and Aunt Mary-Jane’s suprise 40th anniversary party.

I got to chat with cousin’s I hadn’t seen since Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th anniversary party (sometime in the mid 90’s). They were shorter than I remember them.  I don’t want to name names, but my family has it’s share of dysfunctionality, but this particular branch seems to be full of friendly folks and cute second cousins. Sure the second cousins refuse to talk to me, but I get that from five year olds a lot. I still bought raffle tickets from the ungrateful SOB’s.

My sister came to town this week to continue the family circus (I shouldn’t use that reference, wost comic ever. It just isn’t funny). Ended up at a wine bar a block from my house I’d never been in, which was very nice. Also visited old town San Diego, not so nice. They call it Old Town cause it’s been there longer than the rest of San Diego. A more accurate name would be Touristy Restaurants Built in the Last Ten Years Town. Doesn’t have the same ring.