So my life has pretty much been consumed by the Oregon Trail Facebook app. I hunt buffalo at work, fix broken axles at home, I check for wi-fi hotspots around town on my iPod to try and move just a few miles closer to the dales.

The Facebook incarnation stays pretty close to the game that I assumed we all know and love from grade school. One difference is that when you wagon up to head west, you have to pick who’s going to be in your wagon out of your Facebook app. I didn’t put much thought into who was going to be in my wagon, and I was looking at my trusty companions, and realized that I’ve got two Dutchmen and an Aussie on my wagon. Do they know what the hell the Oregon trail is? I’m sure they didn’t play the original game in the third grade. The Aussie was probably busy chucking boomerangs at kangaroos and God knows what eight year old Dutchmen due.

That got me wondering, if the Oregon Trail isn’t popular in Holland (and it very well may be, but I’m assuming it isn’t), maybe nobody plays it on the East Coast. In Washington, the story of “whitey” settling the land is a big part of the local history, so why have the kids play video games to learn about it? Probably not thought of as being as important, historically, in say, Lexington or New York. They were already there.

So if you 1)Grew up east of the Rockies and 2) grew up in the 80’s or you know someone who fits the bill, I’m very curious to know how prevalent The Oregon Trail was in your elementary education (it made up most of mine).