As you should know, working is for suckers. In an attempt at a more sucker free life, I’m going to go to grad school next fall. Statistics at San Diego State. I’m sure lots of questions are running through your mind. I’ll try and answer.

  1. Why statistics? I hope to perform statistical analysis proving that working is for suckers. This will greatly improve the life of non-suckers worldwide.
  2. Why am I reading this blog? Most likely you clicked some sort of random blog or next blog link on another wordpress site. Thanks for stopping by.
  3. Why didn’t Brett tell me this personally? If I was right on 2, then I don’t know you. If I do know you, I’m testing to see which of my friends read my blog (I’m guessing two). You win! Expect a nice non-denominational holiday present next December*.
  4. San Diego State? I wanted to stay in San Diego, limiting my choices to SDSU and UCSD. UCSD required letters of recommendation, and that just seemed like too much work. I’m pathetic.

Only four questions? Really? Well, if you think of more (or you want your nice non-denominational holiday present), leave a comment.

*Nice is a relative term, I’ll be a poor college student again next December.