Looking over my last few posts made me feel a little tipsy. I like cold beverages, but I think I need to find some sober fun. Since I still have electronic space to fill, and nobody would want to read about what I do sober (yes, I am enjoying that Cormac McCarthy book, thanks for asking) I’ll post about someone else’s drunkenness. Here is some proper Fat Tuesday tomfoolery:

To set the stage, my friend Sharky (not his given name) had shown up late to find his friend Chazzworth drunk as an frat boy. Sharky was kind enough to stay sober and give Chazzworth a ride home. The following ensued at the McDonald’s drive through window, cause they aren’t fortunate enough to live in the kind of place were you can buy cheap rolled taco’s at any time of day.

Sharky: Ok Chase, what do you want?
Chazzworth: (passing out in my back seat) WINGS!!!
Sharky: McDonald’s buddy, we’re at McDonalds, what do you want?
Chazzworth: Sweet and sour sauce.
Sharky: Dude, we’re at McDonalds, what do you want?
Chazzworth: Sausage biscuit.
Sharky: It’s not breakfast man, it’s dinner time.
Chazzworth: Number 2.
Sharky: Do you really want a meal this late? Do you even know what a
number 2
Cliff: He wants a number 5. Number 5s are good.
Me: Is that right Chase. Do you want a number 5?
Chazzworth: (eyes getting real big, you could tell he was really tryin hard
think) Chicken, I want chicken.
Sharky: Number 2 it is, quarter pounder with cheese meal.