One thing I’ve found in the new hometown, is that people like to drink. Bars are full on Sunday afternoons. When the sun is out, which is all the time, it doesn’t take long to find a yard full of people knocking back a few, regardless of the day of the week.

That’s why I was disappointed with the Mardi Gras celebration down town. It was a well organized event, several blocks were fenced off to allow people to sell beer and throw beads inside. Multiple stages were set up with DJ’s (note to organizer: how about a live band next year?). But there was a general lack of drunken shananigans for a Fat Tuesday. Besides a few guys desperately trying to get girls to flash them, everything seemed tame, like any other night, except a bigger crowd. I will give credit to whoever was dangling beads from a fishing real, even if it didn’t look like he was going to catch anything.

To be fair, I wasn’t providing any cheeky shananigans, I never moved too far from sobriety, partly due to work the next morning and partly due to overpriced beer.

The World Series of Rugby Sevens is in town this weekend, and hopefully that will provide some good international merry making to make up for  the sad, sad Fat Tuesday. I’m counting on you, South Africa.