So Guiliani followed Fred Thompson’s lead and dropped out of the Presidential race. Thompson should use his Hollywood contacts to get them a movie deal, they could make a buddy picture about fighting terrorists and developing free markets. Fred could be Danny Glover to Rudy’s Mel.

On the other side, Edwards won’t quit, but should. If he doesn’t soon things might get sad, he won’t get a movie deal and he’ll have to settle for a VP gig.

I’m losing a lot of respect for my personal favorite President, Bill seems to be so desperate for camera time that he’s taken a role as Hillary’s hatchet man. Hey Bill, why don’t you try talking about all the great things you’d do as first lady to win the wife some votes?

And yes, I do thing Bill Clinton reads my blog.

Update: Guess I should have checked the old Google Reader before writing this, Edwards has dropped out. No word on a movie deal.