Via Marginal Revolution, this Virgil Griffith compared books college kids are reading here (based on Facebook) and the average SAT scores at that school. I thought this was interesting, because I have read many books, and will continue to read, and took the SATs in the past (sometime in the 90’s). Some of my thoughts

  • The Holy Bible is correlated to a lower SAT (900) score than the Bible (1050), and the book of Mormon (1050-1100) beats them both. Didn’t see the Koran, I guess Facebook isn’t big with Muslims.
  • Fight Club is around a 1000, I love this book, but I don’t suck at standardized test like other people who do.
  • Atlas shrugged is in the 1200. This is one of the worst books I have ever read (I didn’t finish it). Ayn Rands philosophy isn’t bad, but she is a horrid writer.
  • Freakonomics was 1250 to 1300. Another book I like and one I would expect to relate to high scores. I wouldn’t be suprised if their was a high Freakonomic reader to virginity correlation.
  • I don’t know what Zane is, but if you reading your not going to go to a good school (800 average SAT).
  • Books I would expect dumb people to read (cough, Nicholas Sparks, cough), unscientifically, correlated to low SAT scores. These are mostly fiction best seller.
  • On the pages FAQ, Virgil notes that more college students read Harry Potter than the Bible (counting both the Bible and the Holy Bible).

On a side note, I looked in Virgil’s data and checked the alma maters average score. Western Washington throws down a respectable (for a directional state school) 1105. And for the record, I did have the SATs for non-directional state school, but I make poor life choices, so I went to Western.