Chazzworth C Pennypacker III flew down from the’ham to visit me in America’s finest city. Although he really came to hang out with some floozy, but crashing at her place would be awkward for the crazy kids, so I get him on my couch for a few nights. Said floozy is ok the clock today, so I’ve been showing Lord Pennypacker the sights. This is the first visitor I’ve had down here in the winter, which kills my normal plan for entertaining tourists. Its a bit cold for a day at the beach and the Padres don’t play in the winter. Which made me realize that I don’t know of anything cool to do in San Diego. I could have taken him to Sea World or the zoo, but he isn’t eight.So I took Chazzey to some bars with a nice view of the ocean. Now the lad is napping after a tough day of beer and fish tacos. But there has to be something worthwhile to do in San Diego besides go to the beach. I am making a belated new years resolution to find great ways to entertain visitors that have nothing to do with the ocean or the Hustler Club,