While, it’s not my new book yet, but I’m going to write it. It was inspired by Jonah Goldberg. He got himself on the Daily Show and is getting a bit of press from writing a stupid book with an inflammatory title: Liberal fascism.

He apparently (I have not, nor will I read the book) is trying to argue that  modern liberals are fascist. Like Hitler. If you are familiar with the basic ideologies behind fascism and liberalism, you already know that this is stupid. But it made for a great Daily Show interview, click on the link if you missed it. I also enjoyed this post on the book, which goes into a bit more detail about how silly it is.

And now I’m posting on the book, so I figure that you can write successful non-fiction in two ways, well thought out interesting ideas, which is a lot of work, or stupid ideas that will get people all worked up mostly because they are stupid. I’m already getting pre-orders for my book and I haven’t even posted this yet. It’s that stupid!