I took the political compass test, and learned that I fall in the libertarian left (left being economic, libertarian on social issues). The nice thing about this quadrant is it’s were the website puts Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, and nice and far from G-Dub and Pinocchet. I thought my economic views had shifted to the right over the last few years ( I was close to the middle economically), but I can’t imagine their questionnaire could be wrong. So there you have it.

Unfortunately, everybody who matters in the Presidential primaries is in the Authoritarian Right. The only candidates sitting in my quadrant are Denis Kucinech, most notable for the amount of stuff he carries in his pockets at all times (including the constitution and tea bags), and Mike Gravel. I don’t know much about Gravel, but I’m pretty sure he’s not the kind of guy a reasonable person would support. But who says I’m reasonable?

I think I’ll write in the Dalai Lama.