Holday SpiritDuring the course of the first annual Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Pub Crawl With Santa Hats, several observers asked why twenty-odd Merry makers were making merry in Santa hats. I was, and remain flabbergasted that anyone would feel a reason was needed to justify this kind of behavior.

The NDWHPCWSH was quit the success. Several participants, after recovering, independently declared it needed to be made into an annual event. There was some poor pub crawl planning, in this pub crawlers opinion. Starting the night off with Irish Car Bombs is a mistake when your already committed to heavy drinking. Post car bomb we were still waiting for a few stragglers at bar 1, which meant just about everyone had a beer there as well. At least all the cool kids did.

It’s not that I wasn’t expecting multiple drinks at a few stops, but car bomb-beer right off the bat is trouble. From what I remember bars two and three were also multiple drink stops (as was Castle Spencenstein, stop 0). The old memory gets hazy after stop 3, the World Famous Up & Up, which is only a shadow of its former self, but thats another post (which I may or may not have already written).

I’m told our 21-runner vomited in a rather inappropriate spot at bar 7. Sorry mean guy at the Beav! If I was aware of it at the time I don’t remember it a bit. I managed not too vomit until I was standing outside Little Ceaser’s Pizza the next morning (pre-pizza, the spewing was in no way LCP’s fault). I don’t want my loyal readers thinking that I drink till I’m sick regurlarly, it’s a special drinking occasion kind of thing. If your a potential employer who has somehow tracked down this blog (congratulations, on your thoroughness) then I ate a bad burger, and you none of the things mentioned in this blog actually happened.

When all was said and done, Santa hat’s had been lost, offensive text messages delivered to employers by amazing cellular networks, people pounded on their own windows, hoping to wake sleepy revelares inside. Eventually everyone dozed off for a peaceful night before, night before, night before Christmas sleep. God bless us everyone.