Let me begin this post by saying that I would love to see a national, socialized health care system in the United States. I generally agree with fat Michael Moore’s position, and I usually don’t like the way he tries to argue.

Which gets me to my first point. I watched sicko last night. In it, Michael Moore, who is fat, essentially shows that everyone is treated like a saint and gets all the health care in the world in Canada, France, England or Cuba. And anyone who isn’t rich gets shat on by the American health care system. According to the film, those evil Republicans are keeping socialized medicine out of the U.S. because they are still worried about communism.

The problem with this is that a lot of people who are smarter and thinner than Michael Moore argue against socialized medicine for a variety of reasons, and they believe privatized medicine can provide American’s with better health care. Tim Harford’s the Undercover Economist gives a well written, and in my mind argument for and against both sides.

Mr. Moore, in his four X t-shirts, doesn’t try and cover all the bases in well thought out arguments, he just gives emotionally charged examples. The problem with this he isn’t likely to win over anyone to his point of view, he just gets people who agree with him to run around yelling about how evil Republicans are. Some of them are actually motivated by a belief that they are making the world a better place. Some.

Which brings me to my next point. Michael Moore is fat. Most of the unhealthy Americans he had in his movie were at least a little overweight (crackheads and cancer patients excluded). I don’t recall any of the Europeans he talked to being fat at all. Why does this matter? Fatty kept pointing out how much healthier other countries are. This is comparing apples to fat people. We are the un-healthiest country in the history of the world, and socialized medicine won’t change that. Fat people (in general) cost more to take care of. I could’ve sugar coated that a bit, but I guess I’m not very nice.

If you want to be fat, thats fine, just don’t complain that the French are going to outlive you and try and blame George Bush. There’s plenty to blame him for, but American obesity isn’t on the list. I should also point out that from what I’ve read, Hillary Clinton’s propose national health care plan isn’t all that socialized, it’s more like Medicare Part D were everyone would be enrolled in a private insurance plan. Somebody has to pay the doctors.