For someone who has been accused of completely lacking emotions on several occasions, I’m remarkably bad at hiding my dislike for some things. Friends girlfriends, for one. Not that I dislike all my friends girlfriends, but when I do I am apparently very bad at hiding it. I’m so bad at hiding it that the gf’s in question tend to think I hate them the way Ringo hated Yoko, when I usually think of them more like Paul must’ve thought of Yoko, somewhat annoying and an odd choice for my friends to sleep with.

Apparently my inability to hide dislike applies to the workplace as well. My boss pulled me into an empty office (which is how my letter to Penthouse forum will start) to have a  discussion about how I think the job is going. After I danced around the answer she told me that she had the feeling that I wasn’t very engaged, not that i was doing a bad job, just that I didn’t care. Which I don’t. Maybe it’s the compulsion to stand up and move around for no reason eight times a day.

The story has a happy ending, as the conversation was motivated by the fact that the Boss doesn’t think they can afford to lose me at the moment. Which is nice to hear, but if I wasn’t so lazy I’d find another gig and be out of there faster than you can say “Understaffed!”

And for the record, I do have emotions.