I escaped the workplace for Hawaii this week. It’s nice here, but it rains a bit much for my liking. This is my first time here after my trip to Central America, I’ve realized that the big advantage (or disadvantage) of Costa Rica over Hawaii is who your fellow travellers will be. My flight here was packed with small children and the beaches are well stocked with all those obese people we hear about these days. People who make the trip to Costa have a bit more spirit for adventure, not to mention capability for it, even if it is fairly tame adventure. The waterfalls here have cement paths and lifeguards, waterfalls in Costa Rica are just waterfalls.

The surf on the North shore of Oahu is impressive as billed, my continued shoulder problems, and more realistically lack of skill have kept me off of a board. I did swim with sharks. I was dissapointed. We went a couple miles off shore and were tossed in a cage, but the sharks didn’t seem interested in us anyway. I wanted mean scary sharks.

Hope you had a happy thanksgiving.