For starters, my sheepskin, still in the cardboard envelope it was mailed to me in, makes an excellent coaster.

As for using what I actually learned in the classes, I had a first last night. I went to volunteer tutor some kids, cause I’m that nice a guy. I ended up being kind of a big deal amongst the tutors when a high schooler came in looking for calculus homework. As best I remember, tutoring others is the only time I’ve used my fairly extensive knowledge of higher mathematics.

Not sure exactly how much getting that knowledge cost (thanks mom & dad!), but I’m glad I finally got to put it to use, and a short five years after graduation. If you have some partial differential equations that have been keeping you up at night, feel free to put them in the comments.

If you live in the greater San Diego area and have been trying to figure what why you took that 8 am US history class check out the flex program at .