I should post this next October, but I just can’t wait that long. I spent some time at local business establishments last night to check out folks celebrating Halloween. I had planned, as I plan every year, to spend some quality time on a great costume. It was going to be the kind of costume that people would look at and say “Hey, great costume!” I never got around to it, so I went out looking the same I do every night.

I saw a lot of guys out who seemed to be in a very similar boat as me around 7:30, thinking they’d like to go out and see what kind of trashy clever costumes the ladies had come up with this year, but didn’t have outfits of their own. The guys I’m speaking of then went into the closet, or their friends closets, or mom’s or dad’s, and put on whatever they could find that looked stupid. Three of these guys were in line behind me as we waited to get into a bar. In between telling  the peculiarly high number of nurses that walked by that they weren’t feeling well, they tried to figure out what they were dressed up as.

If you find yourself matching dad’s old blazers with mom’s hat she wears to the track next fall…don’t. The nurses never stopped to check on the health of guy in jumpsuit and large sunglasses. If you’re too lazy or cheap for a proper costume, save your self some time and respect and head out dressed like you would any night of the week.