So I wrote some blog posts yesterday. They weren’t my best work, but still brilliant. I enjoy blogging. I also enjoy not sitting in front of computers.

As I see it, my predicament has three solutions: indulge my love of blogging and spend too much time in front of the old Acer (I should give it a proper name, a post for another day), throw my computer in the back of my closet and go enjoy the big crazy world out there (I could be in Tijuana in fifteen minutes…) or invent a device that would allow me to blog without the computer.

I’m not sure I have the technical know-how for option three, but it is an intriguing challenge. An easier solution might be to hire someone in the developing world to take dictation (over the phone of course) and turn it into blog posts. I wouldn’t even have to think of a name for him, he would probably already have one. Take that computer.