So whoever writes this site left a comment, which I noticed because I take the time to read each and every comment WOS gets. Curious about the type of person who has enough free time that they read this crap stuff, I checkd out the site. It seemed amusing, but that isn’t the point. Over on the blog roll, I see Tyler Durden. Having just finished the latest Palahniuk novel (no Fight Club but better than his last few) I took a looksey.

The site, if you haven’t clicked on the link yet, is called What Would Tyler Durden Do? A fine name for a blog and, if you don’t get too extreme about it, not a bad thought to keep in the cabeza as you go about your daily business. But the posts are all gossip about attractive celebrities.

I don’t have a problem with folks blogging about Jessica Simpson doing a country album or what Scarlett Johansen is doing with her wisdom teeth (really), and I learned on the other blog that dropping starlets names is a damn good way to boost your readership. I just don’t think the name is appropriate. I’m hoping the folks at wwtdd thought the name would be delightfully ironic with the trite blog content. If that wasn’t there intention I think they really missed the point when they watched Fight Club.

The site definitely isn’t as amusing as the similarly named What Would Jesus Blog.