I’ve been a big Ben Harper fan since my freshman year in college. If I was going to be trapped on an island with one cd, it would probably be Fight For Your Mind. He dropped a new album on August 21, I’m hesitant to say what I think, cause his last couple cd’s have really grown on me even though I was initially dissapointed. If this one grows on me I’m going to be listening to it a lot. The sound is similar to his last album, maybe a little more soulful, mostly mellower. Catch him on tour this fall, he never dissapoints live.

I picked up Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds live at Radio City Music Hall a few weeks ago, not much really stood out. I’ve got a couple albums worth of bootleg of the two of them, and if I didn’t I probably would’ve been more interested in this. The highlights are mostly Dave talking:

Dave on Rommel: Rommel was no pushover…still came weeping out of someone’s vagina.

Dave on watching fights: I hope nobody gets in a fight over this song…while thats not completely true (paraphrased, too lazy to find the track)

Lastly I got Common’s new cd, hasn’t gotten as much play as Dave and Ben, probably not as good as Be, but Be was pretty damn good. All are worth a listen if not a purchase.