Don’t let anyone tell you living across the street from the beach doesn’t have it’s dangers.

A friend came to visit this week, so naturally I took him (and a Costco case of beer) over to enjoy the sand and surf on Saturday. Then the track on Sunday, were I came out 16 yen ahead on my first adventure with horse racing. I returned to the beach Monday, not a bad couple of days.

What do all these activities have in common? That mean, mean Sun. So my forehead feels itchy at work today. I scratch…and see tiny brown pieces of me floating down onto my keyboard. I like to think of myself as have a certain level of self control, but when that skin starts coming off, there is something unnaturally satisfying about peeling it . Someone save me from myself. I tried not to do it, when that didn’t work I tried to be discreet. Pretty sure that didn’t work either. I’m sure one of my coworkers is writing on their blog about the icky guy peeling skin off his forehead all day.

I just peeled another piece.