My new health insurance’s website tried to teach me about health and wellness, and part of their propaganda was about learning to control your mood. I read it. I still don’t know how to control my mood, but it got me wondering why people don’t spend more time trying to control moods.

I don’t mean that in a Dr Evil ray-gun kind of way, although that does sound like a decent Austin Powers plot. What I mean is why should we spend all our time trying to do things to be happy when we could cut to the chase? The obvious argument is you can’t just learn to make yourself happy, but I don’t think that’s true.

Over at Marginal Revolution, they linked to this post at the Happiness Project. I first read the Happiness Project a while ago, and I like the concept but never found the posts interesting or inspiring, but this one is worth a read. A blog I do like, Freakonomics, had this related post about the effects of rejection.

So am I going to focus my life on learning to change my mood to happy? I don’t suppose I am, but I still think its a good idea. I’m waiting for someone to make a happy ray-gun.