Nicole (WA) (see previous post) asked me to go along with her to her amiga’s hippie school party. She wanted another ‘Normal’ to talk to. We picked up one more Washingtonian (strength in numbers) and headed down to Hillcrest. We got down there earlier than intended, so we stopped in another bar to have a beer before moving on to the hippie party. Now, Hillcrest is what you might call an “alternative lifestyle” neighborhood, but I was aware of this, and thought I was prepared. The bar didn’t look gay from the outside, neither did the doorman, but then he asked me if I wanted a ~~~~, a rubber duckie, or a dogtag. I went with the dogtag. Which lead to a choice of which cartoon-ish muscle man I wanted on my dogtag. The jock, blond jock, S & M guy, or normal guy. I chose normal guy. Chris, the third in our party, was almost denyed entry because the picture on his ID was “too cute”.

After drinking a beer and watching the bar fill up with a whole lot of well dressed, thin men we decided to move on to the hippie party before the wet underwear contest started. Upon arrival, I was a little disappointed that the party wasn’t a bit more hippie. There were a number of people there who looked like they might not even know what patchouli is. There were several gentlemen wearing pajama pants. Sadly, the free drink tickets could not be commandeered for us. It was all around disappointing until the sitar player came out. At first I wasn’t too into that, then the DJ laying down some beats, which was when the belly dancers really got live. I don’t often hear the phrase “Were’d the sitar player go, fuck ya.” I’d say those hippies honestly knew how to get the party going. The belly dancing eventually stopped, but that’s when everybody else got started. More hippie dancing than I’ve seen outside of a bumbershoot drum circle. If you don’t know how to hippie dance, the key is basically to watch your hands like they are the most interesting thing you’ve ever seen while swaying around with no regard to the rhythm of the music being played.

So that was an interesting night, maybe not interesting enough to blog about, but I did it anyway.