t didn’t take me long to fall behind my every-other-day-blogging plan, but I’m going to keep my chin up and my nose to the keyboard; I’m shooting for that star.

So a friend from back in WA, Nicole, was in SD visiting her friend Nicole. She called me up Friday so I went to Nicole (SD)’s apartment to catch up with Nicole (WA). Nicole (SD), who Nicole (WA) assures me used to be a pretty normal chick, is attending a Chinese homeopathic healing school, as do her friends. Before I go on I would like to say they were all very nice people. But they were out there.

Nicole (WA) and I ended up spending Friday night sitting on Nicole (SD)s couch while her boyfriend BJ (snicker) and another guy demonstrated the hand push game. It wasn’t quite dancing, it wasn’t quite fighting. There was a lot of touching, spinning and playful shoving. And they had on pajama pants.

Another girl explained to Nicole that when she tried surfing on Saturday she had to be in touch with the water, or else it wouldn’t be nice to her. We were fed mysterious tea’s while others looked through plastic bags of exotic herbs and roots. Nicole (WA) pointed out that hearing them talk about their classes sounded like Harry Potter.

The hippies invited me to a school function on Saturday with the promise of free drinks but this is getting long, so Saturday’s adventure will be in the next post…