So its taken me a while to write after writing about how I was going to start writing regurlarly. On top of that, I’m going to continue with blogging about my life as if people might care.

Had a great San Diego fourth: drinking at the beach (allowed), swimming after drinking (allowed), playing horseshoes at the beach (not allowed, but we didn’t let that stop us). Highlight of the afternoon had to be the numerous failed attempt to get the south of the border Spiderman kite to take flight. We even were aided by some onlookers who claimed to have accomplished the same feet on a south of the border bachelor party. Kite flying bachelor parties?

Around six went to do some bbq-ing, then returned to the beach for the fireworks. The fireworks were followed by the traditional Ocean Beach marshmallow fight. Thats right, my new ‘hood celebrates our nations independance by hurling blobs of sugar at one another.

I was hoping to head strait to bed after that excitement, but somehow the new neighbor and all her twenty year old friends ended up at the crib. The roomie asked one how old she thought we were, the exchange:

Steve: How old do you think I am?

Girl: 26?

Steve (he’s 28): Thats right, how old do you think Brett is?

Girl: 24

Me (28): Close

Girl: 22?

All right, all right, all right