Every playlist I have in iTunes begins as a beautiful dream. I have a vague notion of how it will sound like, all I need to do is sort through five thousand or so songs for the 20 that fit the pseudo-idea rolling around in my mind. Most wait patiently for to reach fruition, a list of four or five songs that I’m about to add to. After a few months I concede and delete it. Some grow, but almost always end up with a few ‘perfect’ songs, a few that are good, but don’t fit the intended feel of the playlist, and a few that fit said feel, but don’t measure up.

I have list of mellow rock and reggae cuts that I love. Most of the others that I actually listen to were thrown together without much thought. Here’s were I pretend people read my blog. I’m wondering what the rest of the worlds playlists are like? Are they result of grand planning and continuous tinkering, or are they just whatever songs you threw together, never to be altered?